Just had a player refuse the deal from Death in last night’s game.

The offer was to return to life and when they completed their current quest for the Waters of Life, that they be turned over to the party’s evil Drider Queen. All in all it was well roleplayed by everyone and the Drider is good at being evil without being disruptive to the party. So much so that no one trusts her and she was already killed once (part of HER deal was she would have amnesia about getting killed by her “friends”).

With all that in mind the dead character, who is the only one who can get them to the Waters of Life, stayed dead and now the party is in a race to get his body to the city’s University so the Alchemist can try to put the dead character’s brain into his Hominoculs body.

Play to find out what happens indeed!

6 thoughts on “I’D RATHER DIE!”

  1. That sounds pretty gosh darn awesome! Also, huzzah for being evil without being disruptive. My current DW character is Evil, but it’s definitely more of a selfishness than a “causing wanton unnecessary destruction”. His friends are his friends, but anyone else can eff right off.

  2. I definitely think saying your are all part of the same team but don’t have to like each other kurbs a lot of the problems with evil players.

    I totally want to have that oh my god i don’t want to choose that with the death move…its a shame it doesn’t happen to often… (thinks he should kill his players more :-P)

  3. james day I completely agree.

    The amnesia definitely helps with the Drider Queen. She’s still inherently evil, but she doesn’t remember why she’s so evil. It’s amazing. That was ultimately one of the best sessions yet. I think Farlan made the right choice, because once Tenrissa rediscovers the extent of her evilness, it really will bring hell upon the world.

    Leaving the fate of the world up to her is just asking for trouble. 🙂

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