I’m a huge mark for Indiana Jones, I admit.

I’m a huge mark for Indiana Jones, I admit.

I’m a huge mark for Indiana Jones, I admit. I’ve had the idea for a dungeon delving scholar for a while now, a sort of half rogue/half sage. I think what I have right now is a little unfocused, though I’m not sure what the best direction would be. What do you think, sirs?


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  1. Haven’t looked over the Adv. moves yet but the whip tricks and Research basic moves are fantastic. Love the manipulation of the environment and the ability to add some fiction to dungeons.

    What do you research from? Bag of Books?

  2. Looks great as is! 

    And here’s some possible tweaks:

    Antiquarian may be even better as a roll:

    When you closely examine an artifact or a piece of lost technology, roll +INT. On a 10+ ask the GM three of the following questions. On 7-9 ask two.  On a Fail, the GM will answer one question (your choice) in addition to any other effects from your fail.

    Whip Tricks

    You do not need to roll when using your whip to swing from a beam, branch or similar support within Reach.


    When you spend some time researching an old location, roll+INT. 


    Keep an artifact out of the wrong hands.

    (Lets the character claim this more often)


    Superb option; not sure how to reword it so the character can get XP credit for their work along the way.

    Healthy Competition

    Notice this is straight out of the Collector playbook from Inverse World. Would benefit from getting its own Indy style flavor. E.g. the rival intervenes then takes something you need or sets you up afterwards.

    Whip Mastery

    Add the following option to the Whip Tricks list: Grab a small from their hand or person. When you use Whip Tricks, on a 12+ choose three options from the list.

    (Ran out of time to look at the 6-10 options)

  3. I do find the alignments a bit odd. Would you really be an evil archaeologist? I’m sure there are evil people in these types of professions, but I feel like chaotic or something else might be better suited.

  4. Finally got to the rest of the advances – also looking good.

    Whip Perfection:

    Lol, the ‘grab an item’ option was waiting here all along.

    Suggest restricting it to a small/light item.

    Healthy Friendship

    How often you get to use this depends entirely on how much your rival features in the game.  When your game moves on to other things this rapidly becomes a dead move. Suggest using a recharge mechanism that doesn’t depend on your Rival being active in the fiction.

  5. +Damian Jankowski The Evil alignment reflects greed, a desire to look treasures for one’s own personal gain. Chaotic wouldn’t support that. For Research, you can use a library, archive, old maps and charts, or even the cranky old guy in the tavern who remembers the last time something bad happened in that place you want to know more about.

    +Michael D I did like the rivalry mechanic from the Collector, and it seemed appropriate for this playbook. I think if you’re taking moves that gives you a feature like this, it becomes part of the GM’s responsibility to include it. Taking advanced moves like this is like waving a flag that says, “Hey, I want this to be part of the game.” Likewise, if you’re investing an advanced move into your rival, they should at least be civil to you. Why take a move that gives you an antagonist?

    I may drop the Thief multiclass moves in favor of just Trap Expert, which is the move I really think this class should have access to. But I’m less sure on giving this class both Trap Expert and Tricks of the Trade. How about this: 

    Trap Intuition

    Requires: Trap Expert

    You may spend a hold from Trap Expert to disable or evade a trap that you had discovered with that move.

  6. I’m sure this is old news, but I just stumbled into this, and I found a couple of typos:

    — the third bond should probably be “___ and I have adventured together before…” (As is, it’s lacking the ‘and I’ and reads funny as a result.)

    — Under researcher, it mentions the ‘list above’ when the list is, in fact, below.

    — You don’t list how much ammo the pack of bolts for the hand crossbow is worth.  It’s probably 3, but it’s good to note.

    Also, a few wording suggestions:

    I’d also suggest changing “See the Bolster move” to “As per the Bolster move”

    For Careful Explorer, I’d avoid saying “You cannot get a 6- result” and just say “you treat a 6- result as 7-9”

    In Cartographer, I’d suggest changing “dungeon entrance or nearest steading” to “dungeon entrance and nearest steading” – it seems odd to forget the way back to town just because you went into a dungeon 😉

    Not sure why in “Healthy Friendship” you use “1-Rivalry” instead of just ‘1 Rivalry”?

    Really excellent playbook though;  Going to be tucking this one away to offer sometime. 🙂

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