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  1. Uhm. There aren’t any ‘official’ ones made by Adam Koebel or anything. The only ones you’ll find are made by authors that usually publish them on drivethrurpg.com or something like that.

    So that’s really all you have to go on. So I guess I answered your question? I mean.. there you go. Drivethrurpg has a majority if not all of them. Could also try googling for dungeon world playbooks.

  2. If you look deep enough in this here community, you should be able to find alternate races. And if you come up empty, they aren’t that hard to create 🙂

    There is a category for compendium classes to, that should return some stuff. That said, they’re often very specific to a setting, or even to the events of a campaign. A couple of times I ended up making my own when I needed them. I mean, who would design a Possessed by a lizard man shaman class if they didn’t have a need for it? 😉

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