Hey guys.

Hey guys.

Hey guys. I’ve got a player whose character passed away last session coming back as an intelligent gorilla druid. I figure that, as part of his wildshape, he can turn into a human (since they were around where he originates).

Anyway, I’m looking to create a good racial ability/move for him. Based on player request/demand, it more or less has to be called “Go Bananas”, and I’m thinking of taking something from the Barbarian, but I’m not sure what the right way to go is. Any ideas?

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  1. The Samson or A Good Day To Die would seem to be good fits.

    As an aside, this is a great idea, and sounds like a lot of fun. You should totally have a move named Kreegah Bundolo!

  2. Go Bananas!

    When a prized item or  tasty snack is taken from you, you go bananas and nothing will stand in your way. Take +1 ongoing against your thief until you have retrieved your item.

    (not sure how comedic you’re going for)


    Go Bananas!

    When someone angers you beyond self-control, roll+(CHA, DEX?). On a 10+, take 3 hold. On a 7-9, take 1. When you encounter a setback that would require you to defy danger before enacting your frenzied monkey wrath, you may spend a hold to defy it as if you had rolled a 10+. On a miss, take -1 ongoing to all defy danger rolls while enacting your fremzied monkey wrath.

    I’m no move master, but here’s some ideas, I thought it as a fun idea I could look at.

  3. I realise this is a month old, but in these cases it seems best to ask the player. The player probably had something in mind when creating the character. 

    Alternatively, wikipedia gorilla.

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