Rules for extended abstract gear types.

Rules for extended abstract gear types.

Rules for extended abstract gear types.

Why not take the Dungeon World abstract concept of “Adventuring Gear” and extend it to other categories of gear?

I think this would be particularly useful for determining mundane spoils of looting, and if your game style has opportunity for problem-solving with mundane items, but you don’t want to get bogged down in item-by-item tracking. 


The party loot a kitchen and the DM awards 3 uses of “kitchen gear”, defined as anything one might reasonably find in a kitchen. So the next time the party need a small cauldron, carving fork, apron, jar of herbs, fish slice?? – no problem, strike off a use.

What can the rogue swipe while the senechal’s back is turned? 1 use of “Black Keep administrative/clerical gear”. E.g. Letterhead parchment, wax seal, generic letter of authorisation, quill, small ledger etc. 

What’s on the goblin’s body? Nothing valuable, just 2 uses of “goblin’s pocket gear”. E.g. Stick of oily warpaint, ragged hood, stinky goblin rag, gambling bones, rat jerky warg treat? 

Thoughts on whether this would work or not? Other examples?

Quote from rules: “Adventuring Gear 5 uses, 20 coins, 1 weight

Adventuring gear is a collection of useful mundane items such as chalk, poles, spikes, ropes, etc. When you rummage through your adventuring gear for some useful mundane item, you find what you need and mark off a use.”

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  1. I think it’s a fantastic and true to form expansion of the mechanic. It also means you can spend less time thinking about what “loot” might be on creatures, and just ad lib it for later relevance.

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