Sorry if this has been discussed before.

Sorry if this has been discussed before.

Sorry if this has been discussed before. I looked, and couldn’t find it. Druids can shapeshift anytime even on a 6-. The Shed move lets them ignore damage by reverting form. Makes them invincible in single combat?

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  1. Like Jarrah James says, that requires a whole lot of fiction to be just right for it to work. It requires that transformation be instant, that it can happen as frequently as needed, even after a failure and even after using Shed, that doing that over and over doesn’t take any sort of toll on the character, and so forth. In addition, I’m pretty sure “take damage” refers exclusively to numerical damage, not just any physical harm, so a shapeshifted druid can still have debilities applied and can have fictional wounds, such as missing limbs, broken bones, lots of bleeding, etc. The GM also has the leeway to temporarily prohibit moves following failures, so if the Druid is calling upon the spirits to change its form, then immediately changing back, over and over, maybe they’ll get fed up and won’t let him transform for a while, or will start taking a little too long, or will otherwise interfere with attempts at this strategy.

  2. heck, if a druid keeps using the same form over and over and over to resist combat damage, maybe they’ll start wearing out that form. Or uncontrollably take it on whenever they get stressed

  3. Sure they can Shapeshift on a 6-, but if they roll a 6- they better expect something is going to go badly wrong.

    In a recent session our Druid rolled 6- for a Shapeshift: they shifted into the new form ok, but lost access to most of their druidic abilities including the ability to change back again!  They were stuck in animal form until the party found a way to get them back to normal again.

  4. Just remember, that you can’t “punish” a player for finding a strong combo. So, no side effects, unless they exalt the PC as a protagonist.

    It’s all a matter of what the player wants to do. Stay forever there, changing shape and back to avoid attacks, or do something fun and heroic?

    At most, the GM can say “No you can’t shapechange\revert\move\attack\defend in a row. Make some space for others to do something. Or, stay put there, changing back and forth.”

    And, yes, fiction still counts above all.

  5. I had a druid in one game who never spent more than about 3 seconds of game time not in an animal form. After two sessions, the party and I decided that the druid’s true form was actually a cat, and they weren’t one of the adventurers, but rather the party’s pet. The player was more than happy with this. 

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