Using Inverse World classes in DW

Using Inverse World classes in DW

Using Inverse World classes in DW

I’ve been playing the Golem in a conventional DW game and having a lot of fun with it.  The only real restriction in DW has been the lack of repair kits has made the Composition option ‘Putty’ too expensive – if he took it he could only be healed by magic (not potions) and magic healing is too scarce in DW to make that worth it.

Anyone else used Inverse Word classes in conventional DW games? 

If so, how’s it gone?

Did you have to change anything to get it to work in conventional DW? If so, what?

5 thoughts on “Using Inverse World classes in DW”

  1. I would not play a Golem in a regular DW game. 

    When you are literally made of Adamantium or Fire the Fighter looks puny next to you. The things that could challenge you have no relation to what could challenge the party. 

    I wouldn’t allow the Collector, Golem, Rainmaker(?) and maybe not the Mechanic in a regular DW game. 

    Captain only if all in the group are okay with having that kind of game. 

  2. My Golem has fought alongside three different fighter classes across a range of combats. While the Golem is nearly indestructable, the other fighter classes do more damage.  As a result the fighters get a lot more kills, especially the spectacular high glory ones. (The number of times the Golem has been slogging away at some monster and the fighter type has stepped in and taken it out completely with one blow!)

  3. We made the “semi”-conscious decision in our current game to run with third-party classes only (primarily Stonetop and Inverse World), as DW’s core classes are reflective of a world that no longer exists in the setting (though traces of them do crop up in the occasional eldritch entity).

    In other games, we’ve allowed almost anything with a general caveat of “yes, and…”, including the Disney Princess that was floating around awhile back. So I’d say if you’re willing to, let the player pitch at least. Unless it’s the Captain 😉

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