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  1. Not “Living” games, but I can weigh in on this.  I just finished up a long-running (almost 2 years) Dungeon World campaign using the Inverse World classes.  


    The Lantern and the Mechanic hit level 10 first, mostly due to the number of failed rolls they accumulated in combat.  This took about 18-22 sessions, I’d estimate, with most sessions being about 2 hours long.

    The majority of experience came from failed rolls.  Bonds mostly fell by the wayside after 2-3 sessions as the character dynamics were well established at that point.

    I only gave a max of 3 experience for the post-session questions based on how I read the rules.  So, again, missed rolls were the most common source.

    The other two players (Captain and Survivor) only hit level ten after about 8 more sessions.  This was the result of them avoiding combat or avoiding more risky situations – often they would withdraw after 1-2 failed rolls, while the Mechanic or Lantern players would drive further in.

    The Lantern character actually died as a result of this, but I let the player replace her with another character of the same level.

    I found that the game didn’t work as smoothly past about level 7.  It was more difficult to challenge the players believably in the fiction.  Combats generally became more swingy as I broke out the higher damage monsters from the book, but the player characters could also do very high amounts of damage at once.

    Based on my experience and the underlying math of the 2d6 roll, I wouldn’t really recommend going past level 10 in DW as it is.  

  2. Ken Ringwald Thanks.  That’s what I was wondering–I’m thinking at level 10 or 11 characters should be (forced) to ‘retire to safety’, but then be allowed to affect the game in other ways.

  3. If I recall the rules right, you could retire to do other things & be an important NPC or just get tired of the class you have to pick something new which should be easier than starting with a fresh new character.

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