12 thoughts on “Anyone have any good name generators for NPC’s?”

  1. Hi!

    There are actually a ton of resources for this. However the one I use most often is this: http://donjon.bin.sh/

    It’s nice and light, you can use it on a phone or tablet easily too. There are also some app ones that I’ve found that can work without an internet connection, but this one is still the best in my opinion.

    The world and dungeon generators are kinda cool, but also kinda crazy. Might be fun for a totally randomly generated dungeon game that rolls with the randomness, but it also works as inspiration.

  2. Oh, as an addendum, since it’s so easy to convert D&D stuff into DW stuff you can use almost all of the random generators as they are =)

  3. A ton of these should be online somewhere & can always raid things like the books from Terry Pratchett, Conan, etc..

    Have a stack around of names & mix them for more ideas. Good luck!

  4. Oh, on donjon, the NPC generators are under the “random generator” headings. It’s not apparent at first, you have to fish around a bit.

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