Not quite sure where to put this?

Not quite sure where to put this?

Not quite sure where to put this?

I had a (mostly) awesome second session

The guy playing the the if never showed and we still don’t know why( I made a short scene of him drinking some very expensive brandy and passing out to explain why he wasn’t present)

So after delivering the news of Kanye of the West dieing to the town of rivers edge they went to the inn to rest.

Our berserker got in a small argument with the in keeper and left to go find some women . He found them in a tailors where he commissioned a very fancy silk lion cloth and a furry one . He is now the only berserker with formal wear in all the land. He terrified all the young ladies in there…. The elderly owner was very happy with him though.

He selected his clothed in an 80’s style montage complete with backing music.

Meanwhile the others talked to the innkeeper who’s daughter was shamelessly flirting with them. Being a paladin and a cleric they both rejected her advances.

A wake was organised for Kanye which I treated as a carouse roll . they met a wizard who co gratulated them on taking out a necromancer and gave them an amulet to communicate with him if necessary. And a very drunk man told them about missing lumberjacks before stumbling off

Here’s where it got fun. The berserker woke up next to the in keepers daughter. He was woken by an angry innkeeper. The following brawl ended up taking off the wall of the inn!

Our paladin serves the god of law and calmed the situation with the “help” of the town guard. They then tracked down the drunk man that had told them about the lumberjacks who begged them to help find them as one of them was his brother. So they headed off.

At the lumberjack camp our paladin detected evil from one of the cabins. they found a wolf in the cabin trying to get at a small bespectacled man in a suit. Justicar Miles Cyrus then used his new favourite ability ” I am the Law” to demand that who he was.

He then spilled the beans that he was a servant of the dead king. The justicar was going to note down his name in his book of sins and let him off with a warning of they led them to the dead king but he betrayed them and tried to escape in a part of the Forrest where all the tree’s are dead. The paladin caught up with him and dispensed justice. In the middle of the cultists speech about how we would serve his king in death as he had in life ,the paladin player yelled “double tap” and caved in the guy’s skull. It was brilliant

They found their way to a gigantic dead tree with chanting emanating from it.

The found an entrances and then ended up face to face with 40 cultists and a cult leader perming some ritual over some bodies causing them to merge.

The cultists held off our heroes for longer enough as the corpses forces a gigantic scorpion with 2 tails made of the dead and armoured in bony plates

It was immediately nicknamed the Scorpseion by my players 😀

During the fight the lead cultist escaped through a portal that was opened by some of the lesser cultists .

The cleric got I’m a brawl with several cultists while the paladin and the berserker fought the scorpsion. It destroyed the paladins shield however it got wedged on one of the tails making it less dangerous. Both of them lost their weapons in the monster at one point. The paladin ran to help the cleric and punched all 3 cultists to death. The paladin managed to reclaim his mace by being a badass and luckily an arcane missile from the cleric knocked a sword free from thr monster which the berserker used to bisect it and then stab it in the face…. Killing it.

They looted a chest which contained a surprisingly light wooden shield that gave of feelings of power. And a gemstone on a chain worth 1600 coins. The journey back was uneventful.

At the town they reported they were too late to save the brother. The guy asked for time to grieve. At this point our cleric announced loudly “should we tell him that his brother became part of a scorpseion. Sobbing ensued. I had the end of session there.

Had tonnes of funnels playing the various townsfolk!

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  1. Yeah. The player also vanished from his computer a few times in the first session without any earning so if this continues and we can’t convince him attendance matters we may have to make his the if a permanent follower

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