So I had my first session today.

So I had my first session today.

So I had my first session today. I started them off ina  room with something trying to break in and anotehr door that was caved in. They decided they were there to investigate strange noises and locals dissapearing.

The thing trying to get them turned out to be a troll. So

So they cleared the rubble but ended up fighting the troll anyway ( the thief devastated it with a well timed backstab)

They then healed a peasant they found and continued down the path that had been caved in. Then they split up…. So the bard and the berserker went one way. and the thief and the cleric went the other.

So the beserker went went into a mad blood rage and ended up diving through some tunnels to murder goblins. He ended up fighting some undead with cleaver arms (which he absolutely wrecked. Twas awesome)…. then he acidentley killed the peasant in his rage. while the bard was on his own a swarm of zombies started slowly chasing him. and one enhanced itself with the corpse of the peasant. It became intelligent and badass.  Unfortunaly the necromancer that was ocntrolling them possessed one and managed to kill the bard. The bard declined his deal with death and made a paladin.

Together the Beserker, cleric and theif defeated the possessed zombie but the necormancer’s conciousness fled.

They met the paladin (who is hunting said necromancer and is immune to the shadow magic that killed the bard and can sense necromancy at a great distance) who felt a tingle in his mind. They went back to the starting room where they then fought the Necro-troll… A troll possessed with by the necromancer. the paladin took a massive shadow lance to the face using his immunity and then hit the troll so hard it fell down…. nearly onto the thief ( who got a hard bargain of drop your rapier and get away…. or get your leg caught underneath its bulk and take some damage. he chose to drop the rapier.) The beserker then flat out murdered the troll by stabbing it in the face .

We ended up with the town giving them 25 coins each for their bravery, the beserker mourning his bard friend and not telling anyone about how he killed the peasant (he only remembers fragments due to the rage)

All in all it went ok. Got some good feeback from my mate about gming afterwards as well. really looking forward to next time 😀

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  1. Thanks. it really took a life of its own when it turned out it was a troll. I was expecting them to say orcs or something. but nope. Big Scary Troll it is!

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