Apologies if this is the wrong place, but…

Apologies if this is the wrong place, but…

Apologies if this is the wrong place, but…

After looking at Adventures on Dungeon Planet, I realized that I wanted to make my own version of a sci-fi mod to Dungeon World.

My idea is to blend the idea of Away Teams from star trek, SG teams from Stargate, along with Firefly and Dr.Who adventures and blend them all together – Basically setting the game around the concept of appearing on planets and having adventures on them. A lot of it would be abstracted (The “home base”, as a concept, could be any of the bases from the above examples), and the overall goal would be to let the players help craft their universe when they sit down to play.

I was wondering if anyone’s done anything like this before, and if there are resources I can use to help. Also, I’m happy to bounce ideas around if anyone has them.

And again, if this is the wrong area, I apologize. I’m new.


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  1. My first gm round of dw was pretty much based off John Carpenter’s Escape from New York except in “Philadelphia maximum security prison”. All i did was write a bunch of moves on index cards for guns, grenades, and bought a road map of philly and drew a wall around the city limits. Told the pcs that they needed to find the president of the united states and get him out in 22 hours or they all die. I used a real clock the i skipped ahead whenever they travelled or rolled a 6-. Every one had a blast and the players brought most of the imagination to the table so prepping the next session is going to be a snap.

    My point is, DW is so flexible, just go for it. Make up moves for items like lasers, teleporters, travelling in space and let the rest play out on the table. 

  2. Joseph F. Russo go for it. Of course, if I could spare an advice, take a look at the various SF hacks of Apocalypse World. Seems that AW is better suited for that kind of games (you need less rolls, you don’t need “old style” HPs etc.). So, maybe AW hack is the right answer. Maybe not.

    Start with: 

    Beyond – alpha v1.71

    Uncharted Worlds v0.83

    Star Wars World – gamma Playbooks 2014

  3. I’ve tried AW and honestly I didn’t enjoy it as much. Wrapping the skill checks to style results in players really playing to their stereotypes. I like HP, and I like the classic attributes.

    That being said, I will check out the ones you mentioned. Thanks!

  4. My recommendation: if you’re after a quick list of planets to set down on for SF adventures, the Traveller maps give thousands, with

    http://www.travellermap.com freely available, with a map generation tool.

    The UWP (universal world profile) lists starport, size, atmosphere, hydrographics, population, government, law level and technological level, each using a single digit code.

    A key to the codes is also available on the site. 

    (Quick check of site, decides further explanation necessary)

    Fastest way is to select a random location, click download icon at top right, then Printable Sector Booklet will give a map, list of worlds, and a map key all together.

  5. Actually I’m anticipating planet generation to be the opening of each adventure. Set it up so that the players are creating the planet and why they’ve arrived there.

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