49 thoughts on “I was wondering if there are any online Dungeon World campaigns looking for a newbie?”

  1. Hey Sean. Me and some pals are going to kick off an online campaign pretty soon, you’d be very welcome to join…oh, and we are all n00bs, so nobody should feel like a duck out of water!

  2. For sure. Need to work out timings  US-UK, but sure thing, let’s do this! Still setting up the GM screens for Roll20 and working out when we can begin (adjusting to life with a newborn) but absolutely, I’ll hit you both up soon as possible. 🙂

  3. According to the interwebs, UK time is 8 hours ahead of PST (someone correct me if I’m wrong) so that puts the time at 1pm pst, Sunday afternoon which is perfect for me.

  4. No idea Sean Looney​, got some people in mind? Think there is only you confirmed at the moment! Victoria Harlette​ you free at 1pm pst this Sunday?

  5. Sorry, no I don’t, to reiterate the purpose of this thread: “I was wondering if there are any online Dungeon World campaigns looking for a newbie?”

  6. Ah okay Sean, well I’m still keen to press on tomorrow if you are. As I said, all newbies so no worries there! David Ketchin​, you free tomorrow at 9pm UK time?

  7. Nice! Victoria Harlette​, sounds good to me. We’ll chat through the finer details tomorrow, I look forward to hearing about your dancing bard!

  8. k, Sean Looney Victoria Harlette Andrew Fish If you don’t have Roll20 accounts set up, can you please create an account (2min job). Just got in so am moving a few things around then will send the live link 🙂

  9. Great session Sean Looney​ Andrew Fish​ Victoria Harlette​ looking forward to discovering what the hell has happened to Corramor, and what trouble these unlikely heroes are going to get themselves into next!

  10. If I could go back and reroll all those rolls, as a player I wouldn’t change a thing! …Puddle, on the on the other hand disagrees.

    Had a blast, great meeting you guys. Bryan, you’re an awesome GM. Lovin’ Dungeon world and can’t wait to find out if Puddle ever manages to Impress his deity (Or Valera for that matter :))

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