Tiny races.

Tiny races.

Tiny races.

Hello. My friends and I are extremely new to the game. Because our group cannot get together on a set schedule, we have some interwoven games going on. When we have this combination of players, we play this story. When we have a different combination, different story, but it is all in the same world. Right now we are kinda just doing collaborative world building. My kids heard is talking and became very interested. They asked if they could play. The rest of the group voted not to include them in their group. So, I told them we would make a group with just them and mommy.

When we started working on character creation, my 5 year old daughter announced she wanted to be a fairy like Tinkerbell. My wife liked the idea and wants to be a fairy too. My 9 year old son protested, and my wife suggested he play a leaf warrior like in DreamWorks Epic. Riding animals, flying on birds. Quick, nimble and fierce fighters.

The more they talked about it, the more excited they became. I got wrapped up in the idea, and now we’ve got our ideas, out there. I’ve made promises, and now can’t seem to find any information about playing tiny characters like this. There seems to be no race of fairies or brownies or anything like that.

I could really use some help figuring this out. Any quick patch to turn one race into something like this?

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  1. Agree with the people above. Here’s some ideas on reskinning:

    Bard – fine as is, faerie magic through music.

    Cleric – Hard to justify, probably backburner this one

    Druid – Would work fine (but Druids put more work on the GM, in any game)

    Fighter – Works fine, play up the signature weapon bit

    Paladin – same problems as the Cleric, but could work with a bit of reflavoring

    Ranger – keep the Ranger as is, the animal companion becomes more important because of its size

    Thief – Works fine, change Poisoner to Potions or Pixie Dust, leave the mechanics the same

    Wizard – Defined spell list probably doesn’t work, would probably swap this the Mage playbook.

    Let everyone fly if they want to – it’s not a big problem if everyone can do it, just changes things a bit. Use monster stats for big creatures – Humans are like Giants, a rat is like a bear, a bear is like a dragon w/o a breath weapon 

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