8 thoughts on “A couple of compendium classes for Perilous Journeys.”

  1. The descriptions of “6-: Mark XP, and the GM makes a move” aren’t really necessary.

    The Explorer is a good idea, but as it’s written, mechanically uninteresting. How about instead putting some of your new rules to use, and giving a benefit to them?

    What are some examples of how a Patron can reward you?

    Plant your Flag and Thrill of Discovery are both not very exciting. There’s so much better things you can do than +1’s.

    I like Log Your Findings. It rewards the type of play you want to encourage, though unlike the other moves it gives you a fictional benefit.

    How’s the Delver different from the CW Caver? The later seems much better than this.

    Sniff the Air: Just make this two questions, no roll. The trigger is kind of vague too, how is this different from Discern Realities? But it’s on the right track, if you want to make someone good at underground exploration.

    Feel Your Way: I’m ambivalent on this one. See “Lynx-Eyed” from CW, it seems to be as good if not better. 

    Eat the Enemy: Again, see “Bug-Eater” in CW.

  2. Nah, I think it actually makes it more fun… now I can align these as an alternate compendium classes or pull them together in new ways.  It’s good stuff!

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