Hopefully a full write-up is forthcoming.

Hopefully a full write-up is forthcoming.

Hopefully a full write-up is forthcoming.

GM’d my first game of anything in a long time. Used DW and my venerable copy of Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth.

The characters were a Nephilim, Cursed Armor, and a Hobgoblin.

My favorite scene was:

The party was fighting a troll that I created. In short, the Troll had a move that it could regenerate the last wound it took. This means that on a 7-9 roll, it could regenerate the damage caused unless it was caused by fire.

Believe it or not, they had enough 10+ that they almost offed this thing, but then the bad rolls started coming. At this point they opted for Defy Danger rolls instead of Hack-n-Slash/Volley.

Before they made it to the troll cave, they suspected that a giant eagle or manticore was following them.

The Hobgoblin rolled a 2. The party discovered that they were dealing with a Griffon Lord that was charging at them from high above.

Faced with the prospect of two unbeatable monsters, the Nephilim character came up with the epic idea of the night. He got between the Troll and the Griffon. When the troll charged at the Nephilim, the Nephilim went to the void. This left the troll face-to-beak with the griffon.

As the two of them fought, the party calmly searched the interior of the troll cave for loot.

We all enjoyed that scene. 1 XP for the Nephilim.