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  1. This still in the future? If you can lay out the details more of us might be able to help. Particularly if you have questions you’re stuck on. – to focus any input.

  2. Shane Donohoe here is the short LOTFP description of it:

    SACRED PARASITE: Armor 18, Move 0’,

    6 Hit Dice, 38hp, 1 chilling touch doing

    d6 per round or vomit liquid time up to

    60’ (save or be paralyzed, taking 1 hp per

    round, re-save each round to unfreeze),

    Morale 12. Anything in flesh-to-flesh

    contact with it automatically takes d4hp

    damage. Missile weapons do half damage and are lodged inside (daggers and

    throwing axes are lost). 5’ r

    Its a big amorphous blob of goo resembling some human features containing sacrficed souls in orbs of liquid time.

  3. Oh god, Death Frost Doom is one of those adventures where you get punished for randomly not knowing things, or trusting the creepy hermit, or NOT trusting the creepy hermit, or climbing the mountain off the trail, or….

    It also has TIME TRAVEL SECRETS which can either invalidate the threat completely (I chop off a monster’s head. I reset the clock. I chop off a monster’s head…or nothing happens. The “Dungeon” has like, 30% empty rooms.

  4. Oh no, just woke up and looks like we’re out of time. How did you go? At a glance I’m not sure I’d even go a custom move, maybe just “instinct: freeze foes with deadly time spit”.

  5. Shane Donohoe yeah thats what i did, and hell, they were frozen over, but the pyromancer suceeded time and again to unfreeze, yeah, great. Now the paladin is wading with a holy cocoon and a holy sword to the mcguffin placed there, trying hard to endure the pressure the thing exerts on him. At the centre i figured lies the sacrificed body of a woman paladin, avatar of the gods, in a holy armor now broken. When the holy sword reaches it, it will be whole again, i guess – we ll play to find out 😉

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