New Steading Tags

New Steading Tags

New Steading Tags

I know there has been whole pages of new tags for equipment but here are a few for Steadings you might want to use while making your own.

Technology: Advanced – Something about the steading’s technology is more advanced than would be considered normal for the setting and is noticeable to visitors. This advanced technology may or may not be for sale to outsiders.

Technology: Primitive – Whether by accident, ignorance or scarcity of resources, this steading’s wares and services are below average by the standards of the setting.

Hive – This steading is a hive. It is built primarily for and by members of an insectile race and is best suited to their needs and abilities. Lodgings and services for humanoid races may or may not exist but will most certainly be at a premium, expect to pay more than average for such things.

Mobile – This steading has no fixed location. Whether a flotilla of rafts and ships or a cloud city, this steading does not stay put. It may or may not have a fixed route or pattern of movement and getting into and out of the steading will provide unique challenges as well.

Quarantined – This steading has by choice or by force has quarantined itself and a black flag flies over it’s roof tops. Entrance and exit is strictly forbidden until the state of quarantine has been lifted.

Blockaded/Besieged – Entry to and exit from this steading is being strictly controlled by two or more opposing military forces.

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  1. Could also add tags like Democracy/oligarchy/monarchy/ rebuplic /feudal. To put emphasis on what the power structure looks like.

    Other tags Beautiful/ ghetto/ ancient / young / and architecture type like thatch/ baroque / Gothic etc

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