This post goes out to Adam Koebel.

This post goes out to Adam Koebel.

This post goes out to Adam Koebel. 


Before I go any further I want to say that I love the codex. I use it frequently and I have added several monsters and enemies to it so that everyone can benefit from them. 

I have noticed that there is quite a bit of garbage in the codex. Incomplete listings specifically. Also, I came across this one when I searched Mage so that I could stat out an ally of the party.

Gay Mage Solitary, Magical, Planar

staff (d10 damage) 12 HP 0 armor

Close, Ignores Armor

It’s a gay mage and is dressed in frilly outfits. Instinct: It’s Fabulous

Stroke its staff and cast magic

it casts fireballs

He’s Fabulous

Really? Come on people.

10 thoughts on “This post goes out to Adam Koebel.”

  1. I hardly think a mage’s sexual orientation deserves that kind of treatment. Mages should be free to cast their wand in whatever direction they choose.

    Assuming the orcs, dragons, kobolds etc are consenting, of course.

  2. It would be cool if you could do the search only on the title of the monsters not everything. Because if you search for wizard you get also all monster which prefer to eat wizards because it’s in their description.

    Or maybe if you could choose “only title” and “title and description”

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