Ideas for a new Campaign for Dungeon World

Ideas for a new Campaign for Dungeon World

Ideas for a new Campaign for Dungeon World

A yet to be named Classic High Fantasy Setting for Dungeon World

Initial Setup: The Village

The rest TBD…

Unlike many I actually feel the last good M. Night Shamaylan film was The Village and I think it’s a great premise for starting a campaign in any event, it does not require much background as nobody knows much in the way of background. The characters are members of an isolated community deep inside an “enchanted forest” that is isolated from the mainstream “wicked world” of “the Towns”. They are protected by Wood Elves? Forest monsters?  Space aliens? Magical wards?

Located in the distant past on earth? Post-apocalypse? Alternate dimension like Newhon?

In the middle ages most peasants never even left their village in their entire lives.

Also I am going with the Unknown God(s) option. Frankly Tolkien basically avoided overt gods (except for his underlying “elven Catholicism”) and does anyone miss them? Clerical characters can be Mystics, Demon Hunters, Crusaders or Healers officially but I’m leaning for more Dungeon World Sam and Dean Types from Supernatural than Friar Tuck from Robin Hood. Even a cleric to an “unknown god”.  I like Fritz Lieber’s comic style gods, but who knows if my players will?

I also like the idea that it’s getting colder and an ice age is coming? 

Or already here! Is this supernatural or natural?

I like the idea of a Tolkien-Norse feel to the world. Like Eriador it should be full of ruins of a lost kingdom. For obviously DW reasons.

I think I want to stock with the standard humans, elves, dwarves and Halflings with demi-humans pretty rare. I think the elves will be snow elves, like wood elves but friendly to the village. Maybe the village should be majority halfling? Sorta a reverse Bree?

The other races could be more recent refugees or their descendants? Surface dwarves should be refugees from their fallen underground civilization. Humans from the “evil towns”? Snow elves from the surrounding forest.

Monsters? Orcs, Goblins, Undead all the classics.  With an arctic spin…

Frost goblins, furry snow spiders, Ice Ogres…

The Big Bad? Mysterious but I’m thinking Hastur inspired evil like in True Detective and Southern Gods? Or something more Mr. Freeze?

The push: The village’s protections wards are failing…

The snow elves have broken off contact…

Something has stolen some delicious village children…

Feedback from any interested parties welcome!

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