12 thoughts on “Does anyone treat curses, diseases and traps as fronts by default?”

  1. I give them moves and a front. It also gives the player negative moves:


    Out of Luck – reroll with 3 dice take the best out.

    Wretched Appearance – all roll+Char-Curse Lv.

    Path of Doom – on a 6- take 2 Hard Moves

  2. I had been thinking about how to handle diseases and curses in recently, and I like this idea! I can’t quite see how this would work for traps though – can someone give me an example?

  3. Aniket Schneider​ you could break the disabling into stages or have a room like Seekers of the Ashen Crown wherein doors lock, stairs become ramps, spears triggers, pits open, tiles shake, grinder crushes…

  4. my players kept borrowing money from this bank and not paying it back so i made a front called “IN BIG DEPT”

    Grim portance 1:  letter informing of dept being over due due

    GP2: Letter informing PC’s that “mystic remuneration” was beginning on monday as per established magically binding contract

    GP3: odd useless bits of PC’s bodies begin to stiffin and turn to gold before dropping off.

    GP4: Each PC loses a hand leg, foot, eye, ect every other day as there bodies slowly turn to gold

    GP5: the “repo-wizard shows up to collect the soon to be solidified (and dead PC’s)

    impending doom: you die… but pay your dept in the end

    best two sessions ever, never thought i would gm a game where players were desperately trying to take out a second loan to pay of the first loan by using a sack of amputated golden hands and feet as collateral. 

    the one legged and blind dwarf with an awsome solid gold beard was the only surviveour.  he bet his eyes at the racetrack and his horse won.  so he paid off his dept, then went on to fight a dragon poorly but retired like a bad ass

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