So I made a character using Class Warfare from Red Box…

So I made a character using Class Warfare from Red Box…

So I made a character using Class Warfare from Red Box Vancouver( )

It’s called The Shadow Master.  Just wanted to put it out there and see what you guys think.

Link to new version based on feedback

6 thoughts on “So I made a character using Class Warfare from Red Box…”

  1. Nice writeup!  Here are my gripes, many of which could be safely ignored.

    “Shadow Blade” lists “Near” in addition to “Hand”, contrary to what “Darting Shadows” suggests.

    In “Like A Ghost” is that supposed to read “not fewer than one”?  It’s an optional move, so ‘none’ seems to make the sentence redundant.     Some of the moves seem DEXy, one INTy, one CHAish.  I’d say “choose two”.

    Those are a LOT of bonds for a shadowy, “ignore me guys’ type character.  6 is pretty much the cap for super sociable types (Bards, for example).  3 or 4 fits the theme.

    I’d think over replacing “Adventuring Gear” (which includes torches) with “Torches”.    Maybe have a dagger / short sword option?  It divides the ability scores more (STR, DEX, and INT become important if using a normal weapon) but the Shadow Shield doesn’t seem so hot if the character has to go scrounging for a sharp stick first. 

    Additionally, if the player goes for an ability build instead of a better-fighter build there’s only a single way to develop the character into 6th level (unless they snag a Compendium Class, of course) – it’s more “Fighter” than “Thief”.  Is that what you are going for?

    Can you use the gear-shield and the shadow-shield at once?  If not, you can streamline “Shield of Dusk” down to “You can use your shadow blade as a shield (+1 armor, 0 weight) instead of a weapon.”

    Maybe “Far” instead of “100 yards” in the shadow step for our neighbors across the pond?

  2. The Shadowmancer is probably my favourite specialty in the whole book, so of course I like shadow-based classes, too.

    Like a Ghost reads “not less than none” in order to rule out negative options for those who have DEX-1. If you have less than DEX+1, the move is supposed to be useless for you and you shouldn’t take it.

  3. Thanks for the feedback guys and glad you liked it.  Sean- for “Like a Ghost” its like John said (and thats the wording from class warfare), I think its to rule out someone with a  negative DEX modifier from using that move,

    Yes I was going more for an assassin type over thief.  Shield of Dusk (until it turns into Protected by the Dark) is meant to give you a defensive boost, but the penalty is, you wont be able to attack back right away.  You’re trading off doing dmg for more defense…until you upgrade it after lvl 6.

    Darting shadows is correct, its like you’ve learned how to shoot the shadows from around you as a ranged weapon, but the dmg penalty for expending ammo is meant to keep you from doing it all the time.

    And I built it as thinking people would go mainly DEX and INT, I don’t see a CHA move?  And again thanks for the feedback, Maybe I’ll shorten the bonds and look at his gear table again.

  4. Why ever pick up Darting Shadows when you can just use your Shadow Blade, which has the ranged attack feature (near tag) right off the bat?  You’re re-‘buying’ an ability.  Or spending a level just gaining the option to take damage instead of dealing less / going into danger on a 7-9.

    There’s no CHA move – “tell how you draw attention somewhere else instead of to you”, a subset of Like a Ghost, seems like a CHA based Defy Danger move, which you earn in this case by being nimble (DEX).  Three of the options are about not getting caught in the moment, but arguably not picking any one of them means someone (with sight and hearing) detecting you – if you draw the attention of those present elsewhere but don’t stay out of sight, are you seen?  How about if you make noise, are you heard?  Their attention is elsewhere.  So depending on GM fiat it’s either a non choice because the first option covers down on the rest of the list, or you need a +3 DEX mod and need to always pick the first three options just to not be caught in the moment.  Most of “Class Warfare” is gold, and I’m glad I picked it up, but I do not like this move. 

  5. Took out the near tag because Sean was right and it shouldn’t be there on the base Shadow Blade, because it makes darting shadows not makes sense, new link is up

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