Next #Stonetop playbook: the Lightbearer.

Next #Stonetop playbook: the Lightbearer.

Next #Stonetop playbook: the Lightbearer.

I’m trying to make the world of Stonetop feel fairly “low magic,” and so far I’ve avoided any serious mojo in the playbooks. The Judge has some Censure & a bunch of truth-related stuff, and the Heavy has the Storm-Marked background, but this is the first spellcaster

My goal here was to create a divine spellcaster who still fit in a low-magic world. To that end, they don’t really cast spells. Rather they can consecrate a flame and then invoke their god’s power into the light it casts.

Flavor-wise, I had a lot of things in mind while working on this: evangelism, Sufism, Gandalf, gnosticism & Plato, Revelation, a little bit of Johnny Cash.

Anyhow, I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.

Feedbeck welcome & appreciated!

8 thoughts on “Next #Stonetop playbook: the Lightbearer.”

  1. I love these – in particular I love the way that each player gets to not only create a character whose history grants a unique move they have access to, but who also gets to specify certain aspects of the setting that fall under their remit. So full of flavour. Great stuff!

  2. Mark Chance yeah, I totally kicked that one around quite a bit. But as the expression goes, “better to the light a candle than curse the dark.” And this is totally the class that would live by that creed. 

  3. This is great, I love it. Your Stonetop stuff is a real testament to the impact and investment that can come from customizing DW to personal taste. Your players are lucky!

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