I just gave my players a teleporting spyglass.

I just gave my players a teleporting spyglass.

I just gave my players a teleporting spyglass.  When they look through it, then take it from their eye, they’re suddenly in the place they were looking at.  

I could use some help coming up with a custom move for it.  The players were talking about travelling quickly through a forest (the world is very foresty, think Kashyyyk), scout ahead or ambush people, but I figure they’re likely to fall into a trap or get lost that way, especially with one person travelling alone.  Any ideas?

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  1. When you peer through the eyeglass of Franklin, roll +wis:

    On a 10+, choose 3. On a 7-9, choose one:

    — You arrive where you want.

    — Everyone you want to join you is able to do so.

    — No one suffers harm.

    — You arrive unnoticed.

    Maybe something like that.

  2. Good options! If it is out of juice, do you have a recharge mechanic?

    I’d probably opt out of the recharge mechanic, because I want them to keep rolling. The GM moves from a 6- on THAT thing? Amazing.

  3. Honestly, there’s no need for a specific move.

    Fictional positioning should be enough of a limit for you.

    Is it too dark?

    Do you have a clear line of sight?

    Do you have to speak a special word, or does this effect happen every time you look, even if you don’t want to teleport?

    Magic items should always be more narrative than mechanical, theyr’e magic. They break the rules just by existing.

  4. I’d use Shepard and Etheridge’s recommendations – it works when it would work, until it doesn’t.  Then they need to forgo it or figure out how to fix it.

    I would also consider all the delicious soft/hard moves to be made because they have this.  Using it to escape a fight?  Defying Danger – a miss might see them 500 meters in the air halfway between the battle and where they wanted to be.  A thief in the city steals it while they’re parlaying with some corrupt guards – how do they chase her down / get it back?

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