Hey guys!

Hey guys!

Hey guys! I’m a huge tabletop RPG fan; so are my 4 friends in college. Each winter break we all get back to Texas and play a few rounds, but after school starts we go our seperate ways. Were trying to get into the google hangouts RPG sessions, and the most recent game we played was Descent: Journey into Darkness. There seems to be some material to do this online with some work; but I’d like some feedback with the Dungeon World. Is it an easy RPG to do online? Any Tips on getting started?

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  1. Very easy to play online. I play in weekly campaigns and one-shots. As far as getting started? Get some people together that want to play and use Google Hangouts. It has all the apps you need to roll dice, draw maps, and probably do anything else you need to do [incorporated via DiceStream or Roll20].

  2. Thanks Damian! So I’ve tried using roll20 before to make my own campaign from scracth(not linked to any game, just my own adventure) and it took a really long time. Are there any preset macro dice/ preset demo adventures? I saw a 2 hour demo adventure in this community; but it looks like its for actual tabletop. How can I get my first game up and running from scratch? I’ve never played Dungeon world before. I’ve got 3 other friends who would want to play… but like I said: Its all our first time using google hangouts; especially as far as making campaigns. Out of the group I’m the only one with roll 20 experience, and its limited.

  3. There’s not much to it really; If you create a new roll20 Campaign and select “Dungeon World” as the Character Sheet Template, it’ll set you up with character sheets that have “roll” buttons that can be used to roll each of a character’s stats for use in play. (Not for use in chargen, there needs to be a value there)

    Other than that, you can always just do /roll 2d6+2 or whatever is needed in the chat window.  And treat it like a real, face to face game.

  4. I only use it for the dice rolling and to make very crude world maps that hardly take any time at all. If I’m feeling spunky, I’ll add in DW sheets for players to keep their info on within Roll20. Aside from that, I don’t do any prep work in Roll20 so it’s really quite minimal work on my part as a GM.

  5. Likewise, I don’t do much work beyond what Damian Jankowski said except maybe to look around the web for a couple of cool, evocative background images to use.

  6. Chris Burten​ I would do like they said dungeon world is pretty low prep anyways. The sheets work great and that’s really all you need, I would through a regional map up and us the pens in roll 20 to draw on it just remember to leave the blanks (something I forgot my first time). I run my fronts in one note because it’s really easy for note taking and you can drop whole pdfs in there. If you go to YouTube there is a live play using roll20 by roll play r&d. It’s pretty good for reference on a basic roll 20 game, plus the story is good.

  7. Played last monday using Roll20 (which I use for my regular D&D campaign as well). It takes a little getting used to, but DW seems more story-focused (over “you are in this square and they are {x} distance away”) so the amount of prep isn’t too bad. (I went a little overboard and made a map for one part of the adventure.) There’s a bunch of maps/textures/backdrops in their library (for free or for a small fee through their marketplace), and if you make something for yourself (or find something else you like online) you can upload it for yourself through the campaign editor.

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