Help me flesh out an idea?

Help me flesh out an idea?

Help me flesh out an idea? THE SPIRIT CATCHER: I would like a character who can catch the souls of creatures slain with his sacred knife (or whatever) and keep their blood in magic bag (or on his fingerprints, a magic ring, wax in a magic candle, etc). These souls can be called forth to fight. Basically, a Ghostbuster who makes his own ghosts and then forces them to fight for him. Are there any Class Warfare or other classes that might be reskinned or that already do this? I’m thinking something like a CW Golemist and a Prepared Caster and Dominator… 

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  1. Interesting idea. It reminds me of an anime, Mushi-Shi, though like the Ghostbusters he did not use the spirits for his own goals.

    I do remember something vaguely similar, I’ll see if I can find it.

  2. Tim Franzke Interesting–but my idea, I should have been clear, is more like the Spirit Catcher captures ghost animals–ghost bear, ghost wolf, ghost eagle etc. Blue Mage seems like she is stealing powers–but the basic stealing mechanic is useful, thanks!

  3. Sounds a bit like the Spirit Catcher move from the Shaman in Grim World:

    When you witness a creature die, you can bind its spirit to a special totem you carry, roll +WIS. ✴On a 10+, the spirit is captured. The GM will tell you what happens when you release the spirit. The effect is something supernatural and associated with the spirit’s nature or greatest desire in life. Your Spirit Catcher totem does not have Charges and can be released freely, but the spirit must move on after it is used (Spirit Talking does not work). You can only ever have one Spirit Catcher totem. ✴On a 7-9, the GM will also tell you a complication, such as: • The spirit is unpredictable

    • There’s an additional undesirable effect

    • The spirit is restless and must be used within a certain amount of time

  4. sentrygun’s Spirit Catcher. My understanding is that it is not complete in its current form, but it may have some of what you’re looking for. It’s also open for comment, FWIW.

  5. If you’re still looking for Class Warfare reskins, might I suggest a weird-but-sort-of-works Captain / Wielder / Conjurer?

    A Captain whose crew has the Planar/Magical tag covers your ghostly collective, plus the basic command move covers them rebelling if you can’t keep them properly cowed. I can’t think of any reason you can’t use the Recruit move to add recently-fallen enemies to the ranks, especially if you take Lieutenants to account for the more memorable / special ones.

    Wielder’s signature weapon can be reskinned as a more powerful ghostly companion (the Boomerang special ability states that the weapon will always return to your hand; no reason it can’t walk back instead of being a literal boomerang, and no specification of how long it takes to do so.), with Blacksmith letting you absorb fallen enemies, treating them as magical weapons (this one would require GM cooperation; I think requiring a place of power instead of a forge and a corpse instead of a magic weapon would be all right as a rework).

    Conjurer lets you call upon more utilitarian ghostly abilities by treating them as mundane items. And it also has From Beyond the Black Gate, which can cover pretty much any ghost you can imagine.

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