3 thoughts on “What is the most comical, tragic, unexpected or otherwise cool result from a monster’s move you have used?”

  1. I’m playing a PbP game right now.

    The pcs split up to chase down a guy who murdered their informant. The Druid and Range cornered him on a narrow bridge and disarmed him. I had no idea who the guy was, but I knew I wanted him to represent an evil faction. I asked the Druid player what evil faction opposed the Sultana (and by extension the PCs).

    The Druid said “blood sorcerers.”

    Cue a failed defy danger to resist the sorcerer commanding the blood coursing through the Ranger’s body. And a failed assist from the Druid to support the Ranger’s roll.

    My (surprise) blood-sorcerer just hurled the ranger off the bridge into the river raging below.

    We’ll see how it goes.

  2. PCs were fighting an Anglerbeast, who had the move “swallow someone whole”. It tried to do it to one of the PCs, at which point the fighter, which was defending them, used a hold to halve the effect.

    I think about it for a moment, consider ‘say what the rules demand’, and go “Okay, so the cleric is half stuck in the beasts’s mouth, his legs still sticking out. What do you do?”

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