13 thoughts on “Momma said don’t play with a gun–But this is DW.”

  1. Ah—just found Tim Franzke ‘s idea of loud being memorably loud, cool! So anyone played a DW campaign that included low-tech or magical guns like blunderbuss etc?

  2. Thanks, Stephanie Bryant . I still think that Focus mechanic is clunky though. 

    It was difficult to come of with something that didn’t seem too similar to either the Fighter or the Paladin in terms of a central mechanic. I’ve been looking at the Warrior from Grim Portents #1, and I may poach that idea instead.

  3. Well, it intrigued him enough to bring it to the table– he was the only person who arrived with his class completely picked out.

    We’ll see how Focus plays out in-game. If it’s clunky, we might change it.

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