FFemwr’s Spear :

FFemwr’s Spear :

FFemwr’s Spear :

A dozen generations ago, a giant fell to the earth on a comet and landed in The Village.  He awoke, and our wisest elder declared him a heaven’s dweller and worthy of our praise.  He set out to slay the evil Geschopf, who terrorized our people, eating our children and smashing our fishing and war canoes.  Geschopf killed him, smashing him into the ground up on The Mountain, and even now it sometimes cries molten rock and spits funeral ash back to the heavens.

The bravest warrior of our Village went and retrieved FFemwr’s thighbone, hoping the strong magic would protect us from Geschopf.  The Elders saw that Geschopf did not fear FFemwr, so why would a bone help?  The warrior broke it and sharpened the largest piece, crafting a rough spear.  He then stalked into Geschopf’s lair and slew it with the bone.  It is our most prized possession.

When you strike with FFemwr’s spear then no armor or immunity, natural or supernatural, mitigates the damage you deal.  If you roll a miss in combat with the FFemwr’s spear, then GM may declare the dagger broken, shattered beyond repair into a hundred thousand shards

3 thoughts on “FFemwr’s Spear :”

  1. Nice weapon with backstory attached. I feel superfluous to specify the “miss/broken” thing. All the Masters / Players should know that a GM move is “use up their resources”, so take away their beloved weapons (magical too) is one of the standard GM powers.

  2. Thanks Andrea Parducci!  Slightly tweaked in response to your post.

    I specifically want the GM and the player to recognize that this is not a “weapon” in the forged, carry-with-you-for-life style.  It is a tool for desperate circumstances, for slaying That One Foe…. maybe.

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