10 thoughts on “You know what would be totally epic? A walking dead rpg game.”

  1. people keep pointing me towards All Flesh Must Be Eaten. Can’t say much about it – haven’t read it nor played it – but that seems to be the go-to zombie game. 

  2. Thanks for the tag Simone Micucci​ 🙂

    Paolo and I are working on a AW hack aimed specifically to exploring the theme of hard/awful things you have to do to survive in extreme situations, using the zombies as a backdrop. Other important themes are: what is important for you and makes you go on when everything seems lost? What are you willing to do to protect it? What is your take on what would human nature be reduced to in this situation?

    So while not without action parts, the action is aimed to show us people’s behaviour, hopes, high and low points etc., and the character’s interactions (both PC and NPCs) is very important.

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