11 thoughts on “Planning to play this weekend.”

  1. Check on your PDF for the page numbers of the playbooks you want to print up. When you’re on your print options menu (Should come up if you hit print from the File selector rather  than the print button on the main screen) tell the printer what pages you want.

  2. If you want to go one step further, you can download CUTEpdf for free online – that allows you to print things to a seperate PDF file… so you could simply sit there and seperate out all of the character classes you’ve gotten acsess to into seperate files for easier acsess in the future

  3. My two bits –

    1)death happens in DW – doesn’t hurt to have an extra copy of each playbook available, if you have the time and resources to get em printed up.

    2) it really helps to have plenty of copies of the basic/special moves, so that players can have their own copies.  Especially when they roll a 10+ to discern realities!

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