I made a new base class.

I made a new base class.

I made a new base class. It’s a descendant of a shape-shifter who has the ability to gain power by eating. Let me know what you think and any advice you have for balancing, it hasn’t been play-tested yet. (I think I left a few typos in, but none that take away from the meaning I hope.)


7 thoughts on “I made a new base class.”

  1. When do you roll Jaws of Death? It doesn’t have a trigger condition. It is also basically better then Havk&Slash but that might be okay since you need to be so close.

    The hunger mechanic seems a bit clunky and I am not 100% sure it is needed. How much hunger do you have when you start?

    I a.so don’t get why you get hunger when you eat. The best thing to avoid getting hunger is not eating. That is counterintuitive.

    I also needed to read the hunger moves 3 times to fully get what is going on, meaning they are likely to be too complex.

  2. Spit Up talks about turns. Those don’t exist in Dungeon World. Same is true for “ongoing damage”. 

    I would make Back from the Brink into a substitution move that allows you to roll+hunger spend for Last Breath instead of re rolling. 

    Shouldn’t Silver Tongue be rolled with CHA instead of 1/4 character level?

    In general you tell people how much da,age their moves do. That increases complexity. Simply using the class damage would be much clearer.

  3. I’d like to throw in my minor nitpick: what happens if I’m rolling 13+s? The moves specify 10-12 rather than 10+, likewise with specifying 1-6 instead of 6- 😛

  4. Tim Franzke Cool, thanks for the feedback. I always used to play DND, but we switched to Dungeon Worlds recently, so this is my first attempt at writing a class for Dungeon Worlds. I think that probably caused my confusion about turns and ongoing damage.

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