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So I’ve recently started a  Dungeon World game (We’re 6 games in!) and i’ve been looking over compendium classes and whatnot.

How long into a game do people find themselves starting to award compendium classes?

Aside from ‘When the fiction makes sense’ I mean…

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  1. I try to peruse them and keep them in mind as events unfold.  If something happens that allows one (in my game it was the thief taking over the guild) then the next session I hand them the class and let them know that they have a new option for level up moves.

  2. As soon as it makes sense.

    Once I had a player tell me that he would play a Mage, but would really like the Dragonslayer CC (the one with the Dovakhiin move).

    I put a dragon in the very first session. They killed it and his first advancement was taking the Dovakhiin move.

    They are not awarded, they are earned thorugh fiction. Some campaign will never see them in game.

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