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  1. I haven’t tried it, but personally I wouldn’t allow it as-is. A lot of the moves (including the basic moves) are written in a weird or unclear fashion and need editing, but beyond that the basic implementation is very problematic.  They’re either going to be:

    A) Mimicking monster moves–which don’t need to be rolled for, and will probably require a lot more homework on your part to balance for PC use;


    B) Mimicking other PCs’ moves–which is flat-out schtick theft, especially since the Mimic will probably be doing the other person’s Main Thing better than the other person would. Heck, Try It This Way implicitly states that they know more about everything than everybody, and that’s very against the spirit of Dungeon World. Playbooks have “The” in their name for a reason.

    And if they take Memorize This / That, they can potentially carry unbalanced monster moves forever or outclass the entire rest of the party at the same time. This is very clearly alpha test territory, not something for an ongoing game.

  2. Paride Papadia don’t estimate how low I can go… lol… seriously though, I like the Jack-of-all Trade guy as much or more than most, but this is outright broken at this point.

    No offense to the writer of the book intended, but it is way broken as written.

    the writer should take a look at Class Warfare and the article that David Guyll wrote about creating a DW class on his blog.

  3. in the end if the GM is ok with it, that is the first step… I would put it to the players at the table ALSO.

    With them getting final say on whether they want that kind of game.

    My initial comment is what I would say to the player that wanted to play that if I was at the same table.

    Also there is a move out there, I think that the Noble or someone like that has it, where when you make camp you can take a move that another player has until you make camp again. (forget if that is the class or not.)

  4. … And i came to the conclusion that I won’t allow it. I’ll construct something out of the class warfare with him instead, maybe pimping his cleric or something new. Thanks for the constructive and thorough advice, you guys are great!

  5. you are talking about the making camp move right Tim Franzke

    that is a good move. I wouldn’t mind Jack of all trades character in the party having that move.

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