3 thoughts on “Class Warfare question for Johnstone Metzger …”

  1. Yes! Usually a specialty gives you a damage reduction when it also gives you some similar advantage — like animal companion gives you a bonus based on Ferocity, but we don’t want the Ranger to outshine the Fighter. But if the Wizard has the same attack and damage scores as the Fighter, why play the Fighter? So it’s possible to make a character that hits both of those areas.

    Of course, if it seems like too much of a reduction for the custom class you are making, tweak the scores, but I tried to make sure characters would end up more or less balanced.

  2. Perfect, thanks for clarifying. I asked a similar question before on another thread, but I think I wasn’t as clear in my asking as I intended, so I wasn’t totally sure of the answer. Seriously great book! Thanks for putting all the work into it. 

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