I ran our first episode of Johnstone Metzger’s Space Wurm vs.

I ran our first episode of Johnstone Metzger’s Space Wurm vs.

I ran our first episode of Johnstone Metzger’s Space Wurm vs. Moonicorn last night.  It was awesome, you should try it!

A little write up / scene breakdown of our session is here: http://goo.gl/PvDuuZ

I did find myself with a bit of a puzzle when it came to what to prepare for the first session.  I wonder if a little bit of additional, SWvMC specific, guidance would be a good addition to the adventure.

DW tends to suggest not even thinking about fronts for a first session, and instead think about asking questions an leaving blanks, etc.

But with Space Wurm vs. Moonicorn, you know what the fronts are as soon as Space Wurm makes a few decisions, and Space Wurm knows they have to defeat those fronts to win the game, and to be fair to Moonicorn, if you don’t push the fact that they are hunted then Space Wurm might get more chances to face their dangers than Moonicorn does which wouldn’t be fair.

I ended up splitting the difference; I used the planet generating rules from Dungeon Planet and the steading Rules from DW to generate a situation with lots of tensions in it that reference and introduce the fronts and foreshadow some dangers, but didn’t really provide a lot of opportunity to face them directly.  

The approach seemed to work pretty good, and now that all the characters have met each other, and the players have a sense of what is going on, I can see them already start to plot how to move themselves towards their goals.

Has anyone else played it? What did or would you do to prepare for the first session?


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5 thoughts on “I ran our first episode of Johnstone Metzger’s Space Wurm vs.”

  1. Thanks Rob! You are right about the fronts chapter, I think “a little bit of additional” is being generous. It’s a half-assed first draft. Ideally, the finished version will be about 5-6 times as long and have full dangers and multiple questions list for all 7 fronts.

    Right now I’m slowly working on the quick play one-shot rules, in the hopes that will encourage more playtesting.

  2. The world-building required definitely adds a paperwork hurdle to keep track of all the things before the game can get off the ground, but so far it’s feeling worth it.

    Another thing I’ve noticed, going through the character sheets we cobbled together is that for Space Wurm and the Mogul’s gear sections both essentially say “Have whatever you want”; in practice this ended up being “start with nothing and we’ll figure it out later”.  I think it would be useful to see some options like the Space Bard’s all black with sunglasses, even at night, or the other’s Otherwordly gems– really just another  cool list of neat stuff to spark imaginations.

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