9 thoughts on “I know I’ve seen folks talk about assigning bonds to NPCs.”

  1. If the bond applies (ex. trying to convince the person you saved to do something for you) I may consider giving them +1.  But in general I don’t allow bonds with NPC’s unless they have a very deep relationship formed over time.  Some of my PC’s have bonds with an NPC who used to be a PC and they kept the bond.  Guess we will find out.

  2. I used them for Malini, the Bacchus-like “god” in a campaign I ran. Early on Malini seemed like the good guys and several PCs formed positive bonds with her. As it became clear that Malini came with… string attached, bonds dropped.  The bonds were mechanically used for the base move of the compendium class I created for people who signed on with Malini. I think it got used a dozen or so times.

    Commune with Malini From now on, when you write new bonds, you may write them with Malini instead of a player character. When you drink to excess, roll +Bond with Malini. ✴ On a 10+ Malini will answer one question. ✴ On a 7-9 you also find yourself in an unexpected situation.

  3. Generally, I wouldn’t have any great mechanical benefit – except for in the introduction of new rules. The upcoming Pirate World hireling rules have modifiers to hireling Loyalty if you have bonds with your hirelings, and there are a few compendium classes that give you benefits for unusual bond usage (like the Wielder, that gives you bonuses for bonds with your magic sword). 

  4. As Simone Micucci suggested, when you make a move that involves interaction with an NPC, you can add +Bond to the roll. I also made a move that puts some of those extra bond slots to use a while back.

    When you declare that you know someone who can help you solve a task and have an unassigned Bond available, describe that person and write a Bond describing your relationship with them. Then roll+CHA. *On a hit, you can get help from your contact. *On a 7-9, there’s a catch, choose one:

    – Your contact holds some enmity towards you, you owe him a debt, or his help will cost you

    – Reaching your contact will be inconvenient or dangerous

    – You contact can’t directly help you, but he can at least point you in the right direction

    *On a miss, choose one from the list, and the situation will be worse than you expected when you reach your contact.

    When you work with your contact to solve your problems, you may resolve the Bond and mark XP as usual, or you may keep the Bond. If you wish to use an established contact to seek help from, add +Bond to the roll.

  5. My “Lucky Duck” CC gives an extra Bond that must be made with Death itself.  That gives a plus one to Last Breath rolls as well as the potential XP bonus.  But it’s a pretty narrow, specific case.

  6. Thanks, all. 

    Simone Micucci: that’s nice and elegant, and possibly just what I’m looking for. 

    Daniel Lofton: not sure I’m following you, but I’m intrigued.  Can you elaborate? 

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