13 thoughts on “What are your favorite monsters?”

  1. Humans with different but overlapping objectives.

    The Lich-Temple (it’s a castle where a legendary lich is said to reside.  His spirit actually inhabits the castle walls.  There’s a digestive system, sentient traps, what have you.)

    Monsters or people who cannot be detained or destroyed without incuring the wrath of someone far more powerful (young, evil, narcissistic princes, young dragons)

    Other party members

    Hordes of small beasts, mechanically similar to a single larger creature (or a cluster of such) but who the party, within the fiction, is slaying left and right.  Rats, smaller goblins, wolf-pack-armies.

    Gigantic, How-Are-We-Supposed-To-Do-This monsters.  Colossi, living mountains, Cthulhu

  2. I’ve always been partial to goblins, and zombies.  I mean they are the working class of monster which is why it is always more frighting when they are used effectively….clever cruel goblins and unyielding, mournful zombies. 

  3. I like slimes! They’re gooey, drippy, messy fun for the whole party.

    There’s no obvious way to fight a slime so it’s a good opportunity to spout lore about Slimology.

    Doppelgangers are cool because everyone wants to act out the “Which one is the real one?!” scene that shows up in 90% all of cartoons.

    Otyughs are an essential part of dungeon ecology and are content to wallow in garbage and feces. Very admirable.

    I also love wacky, dumb-as-rocks goblins. I blame MTG.

  4. My first DW game ever ended in the Fighter stumbling into the demon summoning circle that Gnolls had put up and getting possessed by a Balrog that then took over his body and used it to enter the physical world. The Balrog destroyed 2 or so cities before Devil Bourocracy stepped in. 

  5. My players seem to dread Carrion Crawlers. In all my other fantasy games the crawler has always been just a so-so challenge, but after their first encounter with one in Dungeon World they changed their minds. I guess it was was being paralyzed and watching one of their friends slowly devoured that did it. The 2nd time, which was almost 5 months later they freaked and concentrated all their strength on killing it. 

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