6 thoughts on “Hi I’m new this is my first rpg I’ve GM’d”

  1. If you don’t mind online play, try Dungeon World Adventures on Roll20. There are games going most days, and it’s first come, first serve, so it’s possible for new players to get in

  2. So, it’s probably a bit of a drive for you, but there’s a game shop in Lancaster called War And Pieces that has a couple of seperate rooms dedicated to board games or role playing sessions.  They don’t charge anything to use them (although, you know, small time game store trying to make it in an Amazon world – I try to always bring pizza or buy a Ravenloft supplement or something) and there are always folks chilling out.  They’ve let me Bogart a whole room without complaint before.

    It’s on the second floor of the building immediately north of the big-deal indoor farmers market.  Take the entrance by the goldsmith, or the one opposite the Brazillian bakery.

    They’re on facebook, check’em out.  They usually respond to messages sent their way pretty quickly if you’re inclined to schedule a table or ask them to put up recruiting notices on their blackboard.


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