16 thoughts on “Favourite bit about the Ranger?”

  1. For me it is the animal companion and it is not even close. They can add so much character and fun to the group if utilized right and are also quite strong “mechanically” if used right. 

  2. Ditto. Which is kinda funny, considering how ancillary it is to most fictional concepts that fit into a Ranger. But the animal acts as an external character trait, really, and it has its own personality.

  3. I am clearly in the minority, as I dislike the Animal Companion. 

    Both ranger players I’ve had have struggled to incorporate them in play, and they’ve become like Blackwing in Order of the Stick, appearing/disappearing conveniently. 

    As a GM, I also dislike the fact that they have no HP or armor or ability to make moves “on their own” and thus their fate feels entirely subjuct to my fiat (yes, yes, follow the fiction, etc. but it’s still me narrating the damn bird getting flung into a tree).

  4. When someone plays a ranger with an animal companion in my games (or anything with an animal companion), I make sure they are aware that flinging the bird into a tree is not only fair, but one of my favorite things to do on a miss.

    They take them anyway. My favorite was my sister trying to figure out how to get her wolf up a ladder (said wolf had already needed to be hoisted out of an eel-infested underground lake via the only means of escape… a single hanging rope.)

  5. I love the animal companion in theory, but I’ve never played a ranger. I’ve DMed for 4 rangers and every single one of them picked the hawk. Why does everyone pick the damn hawk? I hate hawks now. How about a rat, pigeon or donkey guys? Hell, I’d even take a bear.

  6. As a GM who has only ever had players choose hawks and wolves, I feel your pain, Mark Griffin. For whatever reason, my players always expect hawks to be an instant-win button that can reliably gouge the eyes out of any foe they encounter, whether it’s a dragon or a flame elemental with no discernible eyes, bless them.

  7. Personally, my favorite thing about the Ranger is that he’s just that good at surviving in the wild. It’s kinda annoying how all rangers get Animal Companion, since there are plenty of Ranger concepts that don’t really do that stuff. Take Aragorn, the guy that the original D&D Ranger was based on. Sure, he calms down a horse here and there, but that’s not a hawk or wolf following you around. What he is good at is tracking, healing people, and knowing/understanding lore (as well as fighting, duh), which is what I think should really count.

  8. Our group’s ranger, with Blot Out The Sun, would kill just about EVERYONE who wasn’t a major player in the first five seconds.  He was the perfect anti-minion asset to the rest of the guys… and a major complication for me as GM.

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