3 thoughts on “Not just for dwarves..”

  1. Oh, man.  I’ve been to one of those (Kaymakli).  My immediate thought was how freaking terrifying it would be to delve into.  And how easy to get lost.  And that was with electrical lighting and a well-marked path.  In torchlight, exploring, with hostile inhabitants?  No way, man.  No freakin’ way. 

    Most passageways are about 1 meter wide. The floors are uneven. The ceilings low, especially in the doorways. A spear or short sword would be about the largest weapons a human-sized warrior could effectively wield. 

  2. I did it in an old XVIIIth century stone quarry. It was closed and forbidden of course, but we were young and stupid. We did it with oil lamps and we drew the map while discovering new passages, collapsed tunnels, 30′ deep shafts. Thirty years later it still remains the most claustrophobic, freaking and exciting underground experience I ever had.

     The quarry has been recently reopened and you can see some pictures here http://kata.addict.free.fr/carriere%20chiens.html

    It reminds me also of another quarry I visited near Paris which has been intensively exploited. There I felt like in the Moria, with long and high arched tunnels.


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