2 thoughts on “Taverners!”

  1. Anyone run this? I think the game could best played by starting in a meta game where the you ask characters how the time lord contacted them vs. role playing it out. Then I would off the time lord quickly and let the players figure out what they do with a time tower and an infectious time disease. Make the front log for impending doom and see what happens. Also meta game the bonds that the folks have. Could be a real blast. I wouldn’t use for the family game but would love to try with OD&D DW mashup.

    Peace, Steve

  2. Good ideas, Steven. I came up with the tower idea to borrow characters from ongoing adventures, but brainstorming the pickup would work better if you start from scratch.

    When I ran it, I got rid of the chronomancer in the first half hour. Much more fun to let the players run wild 🙂

    Let me know how it goes if you get a chance to run it!

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