Well met!

Well met!

Well met! I ran my first session of Dungeon World a couple of nights ago, so I feel that I can now enter these hallowed halls!

I only had two players, so we had a Cleric and Paladin both from the Church of Krugon the Bleak, god of healing and restoration, getting all Inquisitorial on an ancient flying temple loaded with skeletons.

It was a bit touch-and-go when they were separated (they rolled for stats, and while both rolled a 17 the Paladin only had Int 4, so he fell down a chute into an ossiery while poking around a stairwell), but the guys had fun, and I look forward to expanding on the world and meeting some new characters.

I’m still not that great at knowing how to ask questions to flesh out the game world most effectively, but I think I grok what to put in Fronts for DW better than I did in AW.

One question though, regarding the Cleric – he chose “Your religion is cultish and insular, add Petition: Gaining Secrets”. For Divine Guidance, how do you petition a deity according to the precepts of “gaining secrets”? Does it mean “when you discover a secret and share it with your deity”? Looking at the other petitions, they do seem to be of an “I dedicate this [petition] to [deity]!” approach – so e should find out secret information and use the information to the benefit of his deity and church?

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