Hello Dungeon World Tavern!

Hello Dungeon World Tavern!

Hello Dungeon World Tavern!

I am looking for someone who is comfortable with Dungeon World to run a game for me and my group (over google hangouts / Roll20) to be recorded for my podcast.

One of our Patreon Milestones is to try out new games and do one-shot actual plays to help introduce the game to our audience (which is primarily D&D). So a basic, introductory game that goes over character creation and rules would be great.

Any takers?

If you are interested, but have questions, reply here or shoot me an e-mail: [email protected]

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  1. Hey, wow! I wasn’t sure I’d get any takers, much less 3 in such a short time. So . . . here’s my thought. I don’t really know any of you so I have no solid reasoning to pick any of you over the others so let me talk to my group and we’ll pick a couple different dates that will work and we’ll see if that narrows down the list. We’re probably looking at late September or early October so its going to be a few weeks.

    I’ll reply here again soon!


  2. Hello all again! thank you all for responding. Looks like saturday 10/04 would be a good day for us to try out DW. Does that work or not work of my perspective DM’s?

    The Jessa Channel  Tim Franzke Shadi Alhusary 

  3. Tim Franzke time is still in flux but likely it would be afternoon my time (Eastern Daylight time ). 3 of us are that time and 1 is 2 hours behind us. So 5p-7p start time (my time ) would likely be best for us

  4. No worries. Sorry about the confusion.  We had another game set up for 9/27 that the GM had to cancel. Would you be able to do it that day, later on, say 5pm eastern as a start time, for 4-5 hours or so?

    The Jessa Channel 

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