A little question for Adam Koebel  or Sage LaTorra  or both.

A little question for Adam Koebel  or Sage LaTorra  or both.

A little question for Adam Koebel  or Sage LaTorra  or both.

On page 227 there’s this puzzling phrase:

“Its armaments can slice or pierce metal: messy, +1 piercing or +3 piercing if it can just tear metal apart”

If “it can just tear metal apart”, why does it have a better piercing bonus ?

Thank you !

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  1. so +1 if the fiction says it will damage armour, like a giants thick fingernails digging into your hard iron

    but if its say dragons claws, sharp as diamond, the fiction makes it +3 as that armour might aswell be silk, and you’d be a fool to rely on it!

  2. I think the difference is, if it ignores armor completely, there’s a different fictional connotation that comes along with that – you may as well not wear armor when fighting it, because it’ll go right through it anyway. If it just does 3 piercing, then only the most heavily armored warriors (with shields) have a chance of defending themselves against it. It may also spawn a quest in which the players go to the City of Brass and commission armor made from the hardest metal around in order to have a chance of beating the thing w/ 3 piercing.

  3. My point is:

    When “The armament can slice or pierce metal” it has +1 piercing” that’s fine with me.


    “if it can just tear metal apart” it has +3 piercing

    So, by being less efficient (just tearing) it gets more piercing bonus.  I can’t see the logic here (fictional or not).

  4. “Just” in that context is not being used as a synonym for “barely” — look up the word “just” and you’ll find the definitions that suit this sentence. One is “really, absolutely (used for emphasis).” As in, “The dragon was just incredible.”

  5. Oh, I see!

    The first is “oh, yeah, it can pierce metal.” But then the other is like “IT CAN LIKE RIP IT TO FRIGGIN SHREDS, MAN!” The “just” isn’t denoting a lesser ability to pierce, but the effortlessness with which the creature’s attacks pierce metal.

    EDIT: My comment just went through, and Jason has ninja’d me.

  6. I took it to mean that it can swipe at you with 1 piercing, but if it gets you both paws, it can tear armor open with ease. Strength and leverage!

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