Would anyone want a bunch of new character options for different races?

Would anyone want a bunch of new character options for different races?

Would anyone want a bunch of new character options for different races? Im working on a little bestiary. So far I have 3 variants each for the base races, and a bunch of lesser used ones. Would you want class agnostic moves or simply a racial move for each variant? Maybe both? 

And one more thing would I literally dig myself into a pit of debt if I commissioned like 20 small drawings of each race? Im new to paying for goods and services.

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  1. As far a paying an artist goes it all depends on how hungry they are and how much they like your project. Some folks will do stuff for free just for the exposure, others will charge reasonable prices for their time and skill. With that in mind, $0-$50 would be your range for a small black and white illo.

    But do you need drawings? Good clean graphic design can make a document appealing on its own.

  2. Tim Franzke This is more a creative exersize to get the brain juices pumping, so I think ill try to be as orginal as possible right now. I hate when I feel like im stealing

    Jason Lutes Thanks for the tip about page design I think you are right.

  3. “Some folks will do stuff for free just for the exposure”

    Please, please, don’t do this. This is, in my experience, one of the quickest ways to not do business with an artist. Find someone within your budget, and pay them for their work.

    And after The Kobold, I’d like to see anything you come up with. 🙂

  4. Noah Doyle Yeah unless i get some of that kickstarter money(highly unlikely) art is most definatly a longshot. 

    Also thanks for the kind words! the Ego is steadily inflating.

  5. Noah Doyle, I’ve been a professional cartoonist and illustrator for 20 years now, and I teach up-and-coming artists in my day job. There is nothing wrong with someone doing something for free as long as they are the one who makes that decision. The standard approach is for the client to ask the artist for a quote and for negotiations to proceed from there.

    I am by no means encouraging exploitation. The fact is that many artists who are starting out need practice and exposure in order to improve, and small publishers are often working on a shoestring budget. In my experience, advantageous deals can be struck for both parties in this kind of situation, as long as the client is being honest about the situation.

    If you can pay them, pay them what their work is worth. If you can’t, find someone who needs the practice and likes your project, and be totally upfront about your project budget. There is nothing exploitative about such an arrangement, as long as the artist knows the full score. 

    In my own recent Kickstarter project, I found an artist who loved the idea of what I was doing and we discussed what we could accomplish within a funding goal that seemed reasonable. He proposed a fee of $40 per illustration, which was generous of him. He retains all rights to his work, and we are splitting all profit after costs 50/50, since his art is a major factor in the project’s appeal.

  6. Jason Lutes Thanks for the response – and I gladly bow to your experience. My reaction was based on the conversations I’ve had with artists (not a lot, but some), and there was an across-the-board negative reaction to an offer of being ‘paid with exposure’. But on consideration, that may have had more to do with the manner of the offer, rather than the idea itself.

    I’ll keep your advice well in mind. I have a few project ideas percolating, and this is valuable.

    (Shadi Alhusary , listen to Jason Lutes on this, far more than me! 🙂

  7. Yeah, if a client pitches you the idea of “paying you with exposure,” the client is a dick. The client asks the artist for a quote, the artist gives a quote. Conversation proceeds from there, but don’t insult the artist by telling them that working for free is in their best interest.

  8. Hey people while I have you here. I have 3 groups of dwarves and kind 3 groups of halflings neither I am particularly happy with.

    Dwarves- Deep Dwarves (Duegar), Industrial dwarves, and Travelling Dwarves( Thorin and his bunch) 

    Halflings(really not happy with them)- City Borne, Farming Elite, Thieves Guild Short guy

    If you any suggestions, please throw them at me!

  9. Shadi Alhusary For more about humans, check this out:


    It uses the Heritage Moves from the Planarch Codex, but for humans, instead of monster heritages.

    For more good, strange races, I highly recommend the monsters on Patrick Stuart’s blog, A False Machine. These entries are really weird and superb.


    The Drow, Derro and Duergar, especially.

  10. Ranger Move- Your animal companion originates from the Astral Plane, it gains+1 Armor and the strength stealthy 

    Wizard Move- Add the Magic Weapon Cleric spell to your spell list.

    Thats what I have so far, first one is alright, 2nd needs work.

  11. Fighter: When you ambush your prey from the shadows, take +1d6 damage forward. 

    Thief: The effects of your poisons are doubled.

    Cleric: Darkness and Shadow are the domains of your deity. When you stand in the shadows you can manipulate and form them into cloaks of darkness or even light cover against attacks.

    Ranger: Add venomous to the strengths of your animal companion  

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