Has anyone converted a site based dungeon crawl to Dungeon world.

Has anyone converted a site based dungeon crawl to Dungeon world.

Has anyone converted a site based dungeon crawl to Dungeon world. I am converting the Sunless citadel and and feel a little inspiration would help we with this project. also has anyone ever got PDF’s printed in the UK? I have the Dungeon World PDf but I would like a nice shinny printed copy as well. Thanks 🙂

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  1. You can get a printed copy from IndiePressRevolution. However since they don’t do postage to the UK as standard, you can request a copy be shipped to you via email.

    When I did it, it cost £30.30, a fair bit but worth it.

  2. I converted http://www.thickskulladventures.com/products/attack-of-the-frawgs/, which is semi-site-based. I mapped some monsters to DW-stock; others I beefed up by adding a more powerful theme and running through the lovely monster creator. For example, giant bear-sized beaver… now has arborkinesis, and has a move to grow obstructions or structures on the fly from nearby roots/branches.

    After a fresh read-through, I dropped the players into the blackmoore adventure starter with extra “raison d’être” background questions and clues pointing at the next door frawg module content.

    The opening move was to have ambushing forest elves shoot a player dead, (he wanted to play an undead paladin, who’s last breath was with the Dark Lady of [redacted]) we improv’d up more details, and after the session I wrote up fronts based on the module and improv.

     A recommendation in general:

    When you have more players, think about adding locale-specific roles to the Perilous Journey so more people can take part.  Actually, “save one ration” is dull anyway, just write locale-specific Perilous Journeys!

  3. I converted a one page called Goblin Gully to Goblin Gully Adapted both of which are posted in the Adventurers section of Dungeon Tavern. Sunless Citadel is a good choice I think. You can find most of the monsters at the Codex and tweak them if needed. Magic Items sometimes need work. Somebody posted a nice from DCC conversion awhile back of Tower of the Black Pearl  at the Tavern.

  4. Great Advice, I will check out the goblin Gully for inspiration if you don’t mind. also i will post the adventure when its done for critical feedback. I am thinking of simplifying the dungeon plan and leaving lots of blanks for sporadic fiction.

  5. David Guyll made DW conversions of the (awful) original D&D4e adventures Keep on the Shadowfell, Thunderspire Labrynth, and (I think) Pyramid of Shadows.  Check out his blog (http://daegames.blogspot.com)… they’re in there somewhere.

    (Note: I mean that those adventures were awful, not the conversions. But the adventures were all site-based.)

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