Can anyone give me advice on Bluffing in Dungeon world?

Can anyone give me advice on Bluffing in Dungeon world?

Can anyone give me advice on Bluffing in Dungeon world? Parley is when there is leverage but with Bluffing the party are just trying to convince someone that what they are saying is true, and there is no real leverage involved? Please help. I think I may need to create a Custome Move but I am a total noob with Dungeon World and am not confident with the rules system yet

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  1. there are a lot of playbooks out there that have a bullshit mechanic in them also.

    but roughly…

    When you look someone in the eye and put it all on the line to convince them of a miss-truth (or when you engage in the art of bullshit) roll +CHA

    On a 10+ they buy it hook line and sinker as long as no evidence surfaces to dispel that notion.

    On a 7-9 they buy it long enough for you to use it to your advantage take +1 Forward against them.

    alternately you could work out a list on 7-9s that they got to pick from….

    On a 7-9 choose two:

    – They believe it long enough for you to get away.

    – They don’t follow you; dropping their guard momentarily for you to get an advantage against them take +1 Forward against them.

    – They give you a piece of vital information

    – They don’t look for further clarification.

    Limit the number of choices so that they can never take them all. Try to make some of the choices things that WILL happen if they dont take that one. You could also make the 10+ where they get to make more choices from the list than the 7-9.

    Read a few playbooks, look at some other moves, it gets quite easy the more you do.

  2. Great Advice, I think I will produce a move as you have suggested, using CHA that offers success for a limited time on 10+ and a range of choices for 7-9. Excellent advice and again thank you for taking time to tutor a noob

  3. How about

    Move Name – BLUFF +CHA

    Result 10+ You convince the other party or Pparties that you are sincere and honest only until you show otherwise +1 forward to further CHA based actions with them by your side

    7-9 They seem to want to believe you but you choose 1 and the GM chooses 1 from below

    1) They keep an eye on you at all times (directly or indirectly)

    2) They want more proof of your honesty/Intentions

    3) Time is short – There is an approaching threat that may scupper your bluff

    4) Use up a resource as a bribe (money, gear, food etc)

    5) Offer a bargain

    This is my first ever Dungeon World custom move, I am loving the flexibility of this system

  4. Beauty of DW is you can always just say “roll+applicable stat” and judge the results on the same scale as everything else: 10+ you succeed with flying colors, 7-9 you succeed at a cost, 6- you blow it. You really don’t have to write out a whole “custom move” for every circumstance. 

  5. I can see that its can be made a simple or as complex as I want, with regards to the move I have compiled I was going to add it as a standard move to all my future DW games, I think there is a lot of opportunity for Bluffing and deception in CHA based interactions so its inclusion would help me deal with those. but like you said when in doubt I can always call for a + attribute score  and deal with the results as you describe.

  6. Alternately, you could use Parley, and have ‘evidence’, ‘a really good story’, or ‘moral authority’ as the leverage.  10+ they take it on faith, 7-9, they need to see some proof.

  7. It’s Defy Danger +CHA. But before you roll it consider these things. Is it a lie they can be caught in? If they are found to be lying is the matter important enough that there will be consequences? If neither of these are true there’s no danger in the lie and no move has been triggered. Just have the NPC believe or disbelieve it according to what seems best for the fiction.

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