4 thoughts on “Im looking for poisons outside of the provided four ; would any one be willing to help me out with that?”

  1. I think if you search the #ThiefWeek  tag in this community, you should probably find some poisons. And I’m sure people will be willing to make up some poisons in this thread for you to pick and choose from.

  2. Tin-tongue: This ingested poison makes the target’s tongue swell up and become stiff, causing them to lose the ability to speak. This usually lasts about an hour. In rare cases, the swelling is severe enough to cause permanent damage or even choking.

    Deadskin: This contact poison dulls the nerves where it touches. It is sometimes used by warriors, on their weapons, as it can cause an enemy to over-extend themselves (they won’t realize how wounded they are). Cruel warlords sometimes use it on their own troops, for the same reason.

    Greennose: This inhaled poison is relatively benign, sometimes sold as a children’s trick, but it’s useful in certain circumstances. It makes the inhaler’s nose swell and turn a green-ish hue, and it causes them to sneeze incessantly for about ten minutes.

    Toadstool’s Kiss: This ingested poison, a divine gift of the Lord of Slime and Fungus, causes rampant fungus to grow in the eater’s innards. If not cured, it will kill them within a week; a few weeks later, plentiful fungus will burst from their body.

  3. Not super original, but a few sessions ago the Thief in my game killed a Snake-Man (a writhing mass of snakes that maintained a roughly-humanoid shape, usually walk around in robes so as not to disturb others), and noticed that the Paladin went numb and eventually suffered from acute paralysis after being bitten by a few of the snakes – after he harvested as much intact venom as he could, I came up with this:

    Snake-Man Venom

    applied, dangerous

    When injected into the bloodstream, causes immediate numbness followed by extreme sluggishness, and eventually leading to paralysis (the speed and intensity of the symptoms and their progression is determined by the size of the dose – a single use will paralyze a full-grown man in the space of an hour).

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