11 thoughts on “Has anyone tried some kind of Advanced Classes? How do you implement it?”

  1. We have Compendium Classes, is that what you’re looking for?

    Basically, when a character meets the requirement of the class – joining the School of Light Magicians, finding an intelligent sword, coming back from death, whatever – they get a series of moves, which they can select when they level up.

  2. Where is the info on Compendium classes? Sounds more or less what I was thinking of. I kinda like the concept in Final Fantasy Tactics that classes “upgrade” and get new moves at a certain point. I’m new to this 🙂

  3. Everywhere! 🙂

    You can start by looking in this here tavern. There is a category for Compendium Classes. There was a list at some point, I think. Maybe Tim Franzke will be able to point you to it?

  4. I see the classes, but… how do you implement them? Just choose those that suit your fancy, give the players the option by providing the requirement they need in order to get that class? Do you tell your players “hey if you steal this sword, you’ll become a different class”? 

  5. In FFT, once a character had certain experience, he gained access to a new class. You always start out a soldier, but at lvl2, you can become a knight or an archer. A lvl3 knight (your lvl resets per job, iirc) can then become a warrior or a monk, etc etc. So the available moves and weapons expand in a sort of skilltree, but you only have access to your current job’s moves. In FFT the main importance was that depending what job you had, you would level your stats in a certain way, which would be inconsequential in DW, but the job system would be so cool 🙂 But I guess it would consist of deconstructing a lot of playbooks and creating a sort of hierarchy… Probably lots of work. 

  6. pretty cool. Thanks for that! I know it doesn’t translate well to tabletop perhaps, but tinkering with classes in FFT was so rewarding 🙂 

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